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Hey guys!

So it’s a good Sunday evening and I’m here to serve you all as I do on a weekly basis. I’m at that point in my life where I just feel like I need to switch off a button and switch on another. I don’t even know if this makes any sense right now. But trust me, it’s making a whole lot of sense in my head.

So there was this typical American series I was watching earlier this year, it’s called “Shameless”. I can’t start telling you what it’s all about right now but trust me it’s just crazy. In the show, one of the main characters, Frank Gallagher said something that I find really hilarious. He said, “if ignorance is bliss, then Down-syndrome is euphoria”

Now let’s fast forward to this evening, remember I said there’s a stage in my life I’m at now. It’s the reason why I started writing this evening. I decided to have a small town meeting with my cousin, Olly, and a fellow local woman, Jennifer and we reached a conclusion that i’d write about Ignorance today.

IGNORANCE:: the state of not knowing

So there’s a poem I got to read, it’s by an eighteenth-century English poet, Thomas Gray. To all my fellow poem lovers, this is for you. There’s a line in the poem that says that; “where ignorance is bliss, this folly to be wise”. This coined the popular phrase that says ignorance is bliss. You could read by visiting:

Just do it!

Thomas Gray was basically going on and on about how the early days of playfulness and carefreeness were the most blissful. He went on about how the sad realities of adulthood would with time overshadow this blissfulness. It’s true that childhood has its own bliss where you have no worries, where you probably play in the rain, eat and sleep and have nothing to particularly worry about. As adults, we sometimes wish we could go back to those times.

Ignorance would have its place in your life for a period of time. But there comes a time in a woman’s or a man’s life where she or he needs to grow up on the inside and you’re growing on the outside. You can’t be clueless forever especially in the world we’re in where things happen every now and then. So I saw this somewhere where someone said,when you’re an adult, ignorance-is-bliss today means you have an STD tomorrow”.

Although ignorance could be seen as bliss in some cases:

When I was younger and I wanted to eat a bowl of ice cream, I didn’t know how many calories it contained. It makes eating it way more fun and guilt-free.

Ignorance can be bliss for a parent who thinks her child is this way (the good way), meanwhile, she’s not (until the cat’s out of the bag)

It’s also bliss for a couple who didn’t watch the news about a robbery that happened in their street and they’re just living life.

It could be seen as bliss in a few other cases but I don’t think it’s always a better option. It’s good to know things on most days. It’s also absolutely nice to reminisce about the good old childhood from time to time. But an ignorant world is never a blissful one. We can’t all be clueless all at once. Emotional intelligence is necessary, Mental intelligence is necessary. They both play a crucial role in our lives, therefore, being an integral part of the world today.

So shout out to my town people, Olly and Jennifer. I appreciate you. Please leave a comment, I totally love reading them.

Love in its crudest form,



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