Please Excuse Me While I Spend the Next Few Hours Laughing at These Captain Marvel Memes


Much to the delight of fans (and dismay of garbage trolls) everywhere, Captain Marvel blasted her way into a historic $153 million box office debut. The film not only boasts Brie Larson's badass hero, but also a whole ton of feminist themes, an exceptional performance from Lashana Lynch, plenty of Nick Fury's one-liners, and a truly adorable furry sidekick. So yeah, the resulting memes have been truly top notch.

From commentary solely devoted to Goose (Captain Marvel's best character, if you ask me), to some hilarious observations about Skrulls and our collective decision to stan Carol Danvers, the following tweets and Tumblr posts will make you fall in love with the Marvel movie all over again. Check them out ahead, and then find out the amazing way Larson recently rewarded fans!

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