Nora En Pure Hits a Heartfelt Groove on ‘We Found Love’ With Ashibah: Exclusive

Nora En Pure

If you're looking for the perfect wedding march, Nora En Pure might have hit a homer. Her new tune "We Found Love" draws on classic romantic elements with light, bouncy strings and a bittersweet woodwind melody.

Soulful, whispered vocals from Ashibah seal the deal on this single that's equal parts upifting, tranquil and exciting, like staring a bright and easy future directly in the eyes. (And no, despite sharing a title with one of the biggest dance-pop hits of the decade, this song doesn't have anything to do with Rihanna or Calvin Harris.)

The delicate house tune follows Pure's previous hit "Tears In Your Eyes," and gets full release on Spinnin Records Friday, Jan. 18. But you can listen to it in full a day ahead of schedule, exclusively here on Billboard Dance.

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