Investors show stronger demand for 30-Year FGN Bond -DMO

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By Etuka Sunday

The Debt Management Office (DMO) said investors have shown stronger demand for the 30 Year FGN Bond at the May 2019 Auction.
DMO said, at the May 2019 FGN Bond Auction held on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, the Office offered three (3) instruments for 5, 10 and 30-year tenors to the investing public, with a total amount offered of N100 billion.
It said, “as with the April Auction when the 30-year Bond was first offered to the market, investors showed a stronger demand for the 30-year Bond with subscription of over N100 billion compared to the N30 billion offered.
“This clearly indicates that the DMO understands the needs and preferences of investors in terms of tenor, which informed its introduction of the 30-year Bond.
“The 5 and 10-year instruments were equally oversubscribed, with subscription of N45.98 billion and N124.22 billion respectively, compared to the N35.00 billion offered for each of the instruments,” DMO said.
The office said, in addition to the strong demand, interest rates demanded by investors also significantly declined for all the instruments compared to the April 2019 Auction.
It said, allotments were made to successful Bidders at 14.11% for the 5-year, 14.24% for the 10-year and 14.49% for the 30-year Bond.
The DMO allotted a total of N111.31 billion for the three instruments offered.

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