Introducing Soma.


“Just one big idea, one big idea and we can change the world”

Starting my blog earlier this year was one of the toughest yet bravest things I’ve done so far. Like having no idea what the responses would be like, “is it going to be overwhelming or just plain discouraging?”. I decided to take my chances because a wise man once told me that, “when it’s your time, no-one and nothing can stop you”.

Fast forward to a few months later, I’d say it has been totally worth it really. When I got the message that I’d be here with you guys, trust me I was really delighted. Granted this greater opportunity to do what I love the most, I’d say that this is a double win😄.

“You’re enough”

I am Nmesoma, now you see where the “Soma” comes from. I’m in my final year at Nnamdi Azikiwe University at the moment. I’m quite a character (so I heard) and being the first born of my parents doesn’t make this easier. I’m a lover of stationeries (weird huh?), cologne, poetry, art and anything creative. I’m an ardent lover of food (it’s like we’re in some sort of relationship).

I’m one of those people who laugh a lot especially during serious moments; it’s not my fault, everything becomes funnier when I’m not meant to laugh. The worst part is I have very horrible laughter. I like to think I’m funny every now and then. Now looking at this, introducing myself is so hard. Being someone who is constantly in “energy-saving” mode, I deserve a standing ovation on this one though.

“Together, we light up the world”

I’m not one of those people who would dictate how you should live your life. This is more like a medium for me to share my life tips as a young Nigerian girl and brighten your day every once in a while. Hopefully, we get along pretty well.

This is more like an introductory post, so my journey with you starts in my next post. Join me here every Sunday evening and feel free to comment, it would absolutely thrill me.

“You are enough, don’t let anyone make you think otherwise”





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