Germany shrugs off recession fears, but China’s economy stumbles – business live


Germany’s economy has returned to growth, but Chinese retail spending growth has slowed sharply

President Xi also told his fellow Asian leaders that countries shouldn’t dictate to each other — another jibe at America’s foreign policy approach?

“Exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations should be reciprocal and equal.

They should be diversified and multidirectional, rather than compulsory or coercive. They should not be one-way.”

China’s president has blasted trade protectionism in his first major speech since the US imposed higher tariffs on $200bn of Chinese goods.

Opening the Conference on Asian Civilizations Dialogue in Beijing on Wednesday, Xi said there was no need for “civilizations to clash with each other.””No civilization is superior over others.

The thought that one’s own race and civilization are superior and the inclination to remold or replace other civilizations are just stupid,” he said, adding to do so would invite “catastrophic consequences.”

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