China pledges economic stimulus, as German growth hits five-year low – business live


China’s finance ministry has pledged to cut taxes and boost spending, as it fights a slowing economy

Here’s some snap reaction to the German growth data:

With 1.5% annual growth in 2018, it looks as if a technical recession in second half of the year was just avoided.

2018 proves to be weakest for German growth for 5 yrs. Wld be unwise to call recession (whole yr growth of 1.5% wld imply modest rebound of 0.2% Q4) but clear eurozone losing momentum on whole.

Real GDP grew 1.5% y/y in #Germany in 2018, the slowest since 2013, mainly driven by slower private consumption growth 1.0% y/y (vs. 1.8% in 2017). Despite the recent weakness, we expect the expansion will continue in 2019 driven by domestic demand.

#Germany's economy grew 1.5% in 2018, the weakest annual pace in the last five years. Yet, 1.5% remains very reasonable given potential GDP growth of below 2%.

Why did Germany’s growth rate slide to just 1.5% last year, from 2.2%?

Germany’s finance ministry has blamed a handful of factors, including:

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