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Climate Change Raises Risk of Ebola Spread

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 16, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Climate change could help Ebola spread farther and affe..

AHA News: Lowering Blood Pressure May Prevent New Brain Lesions in Older People

Latest High Blood Pressure News Diet for Blood Pressure Reduce Heart Failure Risk This Is Why Slas..

AHA News: ‘New Amsterdam’ a Drama, But It Looks at This Real-Life Heart Issue

Latest High Blood Pressure News Diet for Blood Pressure Reduce Heart Failure Risk This Is Why Slas..

Depression, Anxiety Can Dampen Efforts to Recover From a Heart Attack

Latest Heart News Potentially Fatal Buildup of Proteins in the Heart Health Tip: Living With Leg S..

Outsourcing Paralegal Work: Why Remote Paralegals Are The Future Of Legal

Outsourcing paralegal services provides flexible staffing options without sacrificing your business ..

How Technology Is Improving The Patient Experience And Health Outcomes

As AI begins to revolutionize care experiences, the industry will start to see a new era in patient ..

New Migraine Drug Approved by FDA

A new drug to treat migraine has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Latest Mig..

Shrinking Youth Group Aids Global Decline in Homicides

Latest Mental Health News Suicides Increase Among Kids, But More in Girls Love Smell of a Cup o&#0..

Good News, Bad News on Concussions in High School Sports

By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter Latest Neurology News FDA OKs First Nasal Spray for Seizure Cl..

Steroid Shots for Painful Joints May Make Matters Worse

By Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter Latest Arthritis News Former President Jimmy Carter Leaves Hospit..

The South Sudanese Bishop Trying to Bring War to an End in the World’s...

South Sudan ranks just above Syria and Afghanistan as the least peaceful country in the world. Its p..

How to Rethink Whistleblowing for Today’s Post-Truth World

The emergence of a second whistleblower claiming first-hand knowledge of President Donald’s Trump’s ..
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What you need to know before buying white gold jewelry

White gold jewelry had never been on my radar before now, I always preferred yellow or rose gold but..

FDA: Deliveries Of Scarce Childhood Cancer Drug Due To Resume, But Not Until Late...

FDA says deliveries of the vital childhood cancer drug vincristine, currently in very short supply a..

This Is One Decision That Can Absolutely Ruin Your Career Success

She was a high performer and loved her job so much that she stayed in it for 19 years before calling..

City: Shutter Plant Until Toxic Air Addressed

Brenda Goodman is a senior news writer for WebMD. Andy Miller is...

Happy Spouse, Healthy You

By Len Canter HealthDay Reporter Latest Sexual Health News Health Tip: Signs of an Unhealthy Relat..