Buhari group to Nigerians: don’t toy with your destiny

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Lagos State Chapter of the Buhari Support Group Centre has challenged Nigerians not to toy with their destinies during the 2019 general elections.

In a press conference at the weekend in Yaba, Lagos, the group pointed out that all the current administration has done enough to be trusted for another four years.

Chairman, Yaba Local Government, Omiyale Kayode, said the All Progressives Congress (APC) remains the only option for good success in the land.

According to him: “For us to enjoy this nation, everybody has to be carried along, and not just the politicians. That is why we are here today, to involve the public.

“We have seen the way President Buhari has fought corruption. This is the first time we have had a President tackle corruption in the manner that he has and the crowd here tells me that Nigerians are in support of him.

The treasurer, Kamaldeen Isa-Olu, noted President Buhari has been supportive to the south-west, and it is wise to return the gesture to him, by returning him to power.

“Buhari has been specifically good to us in Lagos State and the South-West. The on-going construction in the Lagos/Ibadan expressway is a proof to that fact. There is a railway construction, connecting Lagos to Ibadan.

“The fight against corruption, which is one of his cardinal point, will be re-invigorated if he gets re-elected

Isa-Oluu advised voters to “shine their eyes, and think of what Buhari has done so far, and their future ahead, when casting their votes on February 16.”

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For Tutu Ogundele, the Lagos State co-ordinator, BSGC, the future and resources of Nigeria is at stake in the elections.

“We encourage Lagosians and Nigerians generally to vote President Muhammadu Buhari once again in 2019, so that our resources will not go down the drain

“We must not mortgage our conscience; we should remember our children and future when we are voting.

Lagos West divisional co-ordinator, Bola Olabisi advised youths to shun violence and thuggery and embrace peace, going to the election. He noted that “violence brings nothing. We should be in order, and ensure that all votes count.”

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