Argentine Trap Stars Duki & Khea Team Up for ‘Hitboy’: Watch

Duki and Khea

Two years after the release of "Loca" and "She Don't Give a FO," the songs that led Argentine trap to the mainstream, Duki and Khea join forces once again in a track that, as its name spoils, is already a hit.

"Hitboy" was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated Latin trap singles of 2019. Not only because the return of the first two Argentinian artists surpassed 100 million views on YouTube, but also because of the evolution of these two rappers in the skyrocketing advance of trap.

Duki and Khea chose Dimeloasan to produce the song's beat. And unlike "Loca," where Khea was in charge of the catchy chorus, or "She Don't Give a FO," in which the sentimentality of Duki's vocal cords breaks the unbreakable, in "Hitboy," the duo takes another path. One that marks a new north in Argentine trap, where the Latin reggaeton essence cannot be traced and the compass approaches the worlds of Travis Scott, Lil Pump or A$AP Rocky.

While Asan's beat plays with the tensions of the track, Duki and Khea brought a new type of flow and lyrics. Duki stars in the addictive chorus, while his sidekick interrupts the "I'm a hit boy" line with a hypnotic flow that praises: "Look at me, mommy, I'm bout to be a millionaire."

Then, Duki brags of being more popular than the Argentinian singer and songwriter Abel Pintos, while his father makes a #thuglife type cameo on the clip. "Hitboy" stayed at No. 1 on YouTube Argentina for the first two days, and its video was directed by Facundo Ballve, who is considered to be the eye of Argentine trap.

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