An innovative toilet called the ‘iThrone’ shrinks and dehydrates poop — no plumbing or power required


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  • A toilet called the iThrone uses a breathable membrane to absorb water out of waste.
  • Poop is mostly water, so the dehydrated feces shrink down. That means the toilet only needs to be emptied once a month.
  • The toilet also doesn't need to be flushed, so it can operate without plumbing or power.
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A decade ago, Diana Yousef was working as an advisor for NASA, trying to figure out how to recycle wastewater in space. Her team was studying a breathable material that could absorb clean water out of waste, but the idea didn't get off the ground.

"It sort of hung around in my brain for a number of years while I was doing other things," Yousef told Business Insider.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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