‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 14 Semi Finalists Revealed

Howie Mandel, Terry Crews, Gabrielle Union, Simon Cowell and Julianne Hough on America's Got Talent.

The results are in. America’s Got Talent has revealed the last batch of contestants to progress through to the semifinals.

Last night, 12 performers showed their best in the third and final week of quarter finals and viewers have been waiting ever since to learn who would advance, and who would go home.

During Wednesday night’s results episode on NBC, the names were called out.

The evening wasn’t lacking in surprises and drama as, initially, the extraordinary guitarist Marcin Patrzalek faced elimination. The judges intervened and Patrzalek was saved.

The teen goes through along with the Detroit Youth Choir, magician Dom Chambers, young singer Benicio Bryant, magician Eric Chien, comedian Jackie Fabulous and 10-year-old opera sensation Emanne Beasha.

AGT is now in its 14th season. The first round of semifinals kick off Sept. 3, with golden buzzer winners Kodi Lee and Tyler Butler-Figueroa and veteran blues singer Robert Finley among the performers. In a first, a mystery guest judge will join the panel for the semis.

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