A photographer in Finland captured a beach covered in rare ‘ice eggs’ that are the result of a unique weather phenomenon


Marjaniemi beachJampe/Wikimedia Commons

  • A Finnish couple discovered a rare sighting of thousands of egg-shaped ice balls while strolling along the beach.
  • The natural phenomenon occurs when slush is broken up and whipped around by waves near the shore, forming spheres.
  • The occurrence, though rare, has also been documented on Lake Michigan and in the Arctic Ocean.
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A Finnish couple discovered thousands of "ice eggs" while walking along a frigid beach on Sunday, a rare phenomenon that experts say only occurs in unique conditions.

Amateur photographer Risto Mattila from Oulu, Finland, posted the images to his Twitter account, showing thousands of spheres made of ice spread across the shoreline of Marjaniemi beach. In his image caption, Mattila refers to the rarity as "snow ball sea." See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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