29 Genius Couples Halloween Costume Ideas


29 Genius Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

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by Jake Thompson | Fri., Sep. 20, 2019 3:30 AM

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E-Comm: Halloween Couples Costumes

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It's not quite October, but it's close enough. And you know what that means: Time to get to work on that Halloween costume.

If you're rolling solo, we don't blame you for going the sexy costume route. However, if you'd rather go with your BFF, partner or spouse, make it fun and get creative in an inventive couples costume. From Stranger Things to Game Of Thrones, we've got a bunch of iconic pairings to get you and your better half in the spirit of the season. Only thing we can't help you with is who's gonna fight over which sexy Bob Ross gets to be which!

Here are 29 of our favorites below.


Yes, There's a Sexy Halloween Costume for That

Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy Couples Costume

Two scoops of ice cream are always better than one!

$50 Steve Scoops Ahoy $50 Robin Scoops Ahoy Beetlejuice & Lydia Deetz

Get ready to marry the ghost with the most in this Beetlejuice bride and groom extravaganza.

$80 Lydia Deetz $104 Beetlejuice Alice & Queen of Hearts

Two tickets to Wonderland, please!

$75 Alice $90 Queen of Hearts The Rocky Horror Picture Show

We're shivering with antici-PATION over these looks.

$70 Frank N. Furter $100 Columbia Game of Thrones

Rule and conquer the dance floor in these Game of Thrones-inspired getups. Our only question: Who's gonna bend the knee?

$111 Jon Snow $70 Daenerys Mary Poppins & Bert

For the couple who wants to dance, sing and sweep up the costume contest!

$44 Mary Poppins $45
$22 Bert
Pennywise Couples Costume

Time to make everyone float!

$90 Men's Pennywise $110 Ladies' Pennywise Top Gun Couples Costume

Be the ultimate wingman in these Top Gun-inspired jumpsuits.

$75 (each) Yandy Sexy Bob Ross Couples Costume

Art is a joy and you can't make any mistakes in these two masterpieces.

$20 Men's Bob Ross $70 Ladies' Bob Ross A League of Their Own Couples Costume

Hit 'em out of the park in these knockout ensembles.

$50 Rockford Peaches $50 Racine Belles Woody & Buzz Lightyear

Take your couples costume to infinity and beyond!

$44 Woody $60 Buzz Lightyear Hopper & Eleven

Elevate the spirit of the season in this Stranger Things buddy costume.

$25 Hopper $40 Eleven Harley Quinn & Joker

Who said you can't interpret a Bonnie & Clyde moment in a comical way?

$43 Joker $44 Harley Quinn The Simpsons Couples Costume

Win over your friends in this classic cartoon combo.

$17 Homer Simpson
$50 Marge Simpson Child's Play Couples Costume

Embrace the dark side this Halloween with these Child's Play-inspired rompers.

$40 Bride of Chucky $40 Chucky Black Panther Couples Costume

Protect your kingdom in these reigning looks.

$92 Black Panther $118 Okoye Finding Nemo Couples Costume

Just keep swimming, trick-or-treaters!

$50 Nemo $50 Dory Peter Pan Couples Costume

Channel your inner kid at heart in this magical pairing.

$46 Peter Pan $57 Tinkerbell Captain America & Wonder Woman Couples Costume

Be heroic hotties in these superhero onesies.

$63 Captain America $44
$31 Wonder Woman
Aladdin & Princess Jasmine Couples Costume

Make all your wishes come true, no genie or flying carpet required!

$48 Aladdin $58 Princess Jasmine Westworld Couples Costume

Show 'em how the west was fun in this giddy up gear!

$48 Teddy Flood $70 Maeve Millay The Rabbits Couples Costume

Strut your stuff at Toontown in these sultry rabbit reveals.

$56 Roger Rabbit $56 Jessica Rabbit Day of the Dead Couples Costume

Walk down the aisle and open the gates to the spirit realm in these festive frocks.

$56 Groom
$74 Bride Cinderella & Prince Charming Couples Costume

If the shoe fits, this couples costume is what dreams are made of!

$50 Prince Charming $64 Cinderella Despicable Me Couples Costume

Make it a minion moment in these Despicable Me-inspired rompers.

$11 Minion 1
$50 Minion 2 Mickey & Minnie Mouse Couples Costume

We've already got your photo caption ready for you guys: "We're mice, DUH!"

$32 Mickey Mouse
$34 Minnie Mouse Yoshi Couples Costume

Bring Super Mario Brother's game to life in these deluxe Yoshi costumes.

$23 Men's Yoshi
$70 Ladies' Yoshi Alice & White Rabbit Couples Costume

We're not mad at these fabulous Wonderland-inspired costumes.

$48 Alice $52 White Rabbit 101 Dalmatians Couples Costume

Cute meets creepy in this spot-tacular couples costume.

$44 Dalmatian $45 Cruella de Vil

These were our favorites but there are hundreds more you can shop at AMI Clubwear, Spencer's, and Yandy.

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