People in Malaysia are being threatened with prison for tweeting mean things about their royal family


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  • People in Malaysia are being warned that criticizing their monarchy could land them in jail.
  • Three people were arrested this month under the colonial-era Sedition Act for allegedly tweeting that the country should get rid of the royal family.
  • The government pledged to abolish the Sedition Act last year, before changing course and deciding they would apply it more harshly instead.
  • It said it needed to "protect" the country's rulers from insults.
  • Human rights activists say this could further curb freedom of expression in the country.

People in Malaysia are being threatened with prison for criticizing their monarchy on social media, with the government considering introducing harsher penalties for them.

This month alone, police arrested two men and one woman on charges of tweeting comments that were allegedly insulting to Sultan Muhammed V after he abdicated as the country's ruler on January 6.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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