How these savvy ‘Jeopardy!’ champions use statistics and game theory to walk away with millions


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  • James Holzhauer, the current reigning "Jeopardy!" champion, is currently on an 11-day winning streak.
  • The Las Vegas-resident and professional sports gambler has taken home more than $770,000 so far.
  • But Holzhauer isn't just getting lucky. His impressive daily totals (four of them tallying upwards of $100,000) are a result of how he plays the game — knowing when to hit the buzzer, how much to bet on daily doubles, and which clues to knock off the board first.
  • Other famous "Jeopardy!" champions used similar strategies to increase their earnings and guarantee a win.
  • In 2014, contestant Arthur Chu used principals of game theory in determining how much to bet during Final Jeopardy to maximize his chances of moving onto the next day of game play.

Just making it onto the show "Jeopardy!" is challenging enough. But winning the day once you're in the studio is even more difficult.

Unless you know how to play the odds.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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