Elizabeth Warren pulled a ninja move to turn tech angst into a crackdown with real teeth, and tech is going to suffer even if she’s not president (AMZN, FB, GOOGL)


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  • Elizabeth Warren's call for breaking up Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet represents a real threat to those companies, even if she doesn't become president.
  • Her proposal threatens to put a spotlight on those companies and their business practices, one that could expose them to reputational harm.
  • Moreover, it represents an attempt to gain support for a rethinking of antitrust policy, one in which regulators scrutinize the effects of concentrated corporate power on things other than just consumer prices.
  • Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet's power looks benign if only viewed from the lens of consumer prices.
  • Their power looks much worse if its broader effects are taken into account.

It's been a long time since antitrust policy has been a major topic of a presidential election.

Elizabeth Warren is trying change that — and it's bad news for Amazon, Facebook, and Google parent Alphabet.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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