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Mueller has turned in his final Russia investigation report, and Democrats have threatened to...

Alex Wong/Getty Special Counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his final Russia investigation report ..

Trump supporters celebrate the end of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and slam ‘Collusion Truthers’

Brendan McDermid/Reuters President Donald Trump's supporters celebrated the conclusion of spec..

Biogen Halts Promising Alzheimer’s Drug Trials Due to Disappointing Results

Pharmaceutical company Biogen is halting two global phase-three trials testing the once-promising Al..

Ebola Was Confirmed in a Major City in the Congo, Stoking Concerns That the...

A case of Ebola was confirmed in the populous Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) city of Bunia this ..

Why So Many People Are Fascinated by My Blended Family

A neighbor once spent an entire neighborhood night out trying to figure out our family. Question by ..

John Legend & Michael Gianaris: How New York’s Bail System Makes Innocent People Less...

We all want to feel safe. People look to the criminal justice system to provide that feeling, but fo..

Buy Electronic Arts To Play The Video Gaming Game

For public video game makers, 2018 was the worst of times. Industry executives were blindsided by "F..

Facebook Reminds Us That Binary Deep Learning Classifiers Don’t Work For Content Moderation

Rather than treating everything as a binary classification problem, we need to recognize that some p..

Three Clues to Raised Risk of Miscarriage

Latest Pregnancy News After Chinese Infant Gene-Editing Scandal U.S. Ban Risks of Drinking Alcohol D..

Drug Combo Does Double Duty Against Common Skin Lesions, Cancers

Latest Skin News Breast Implants Top List of Plastic Surgeries Health Tip: Frostbite Asbestos Warnin..

Overdose Deaths From Fentanyl Soaring: Report

By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter Latest Mental Health News Hate Those Stressful Office Parties?..

When it Comes to Diet, Not All Plants Are Created Equal

Latest Diet & Weight Management News Health Tip: Eat Healthier at Work Are Enhanced Waters Better fo..

She Owed $227,000 in Medical Bills—Even With Insurance. Here’s What it Took to Pay...

The first surprise was the massive heart attack, which struck as Debbie Moehnke waited in a Vancouve..

Machines Treating Patients? It’s Already Happening

Rayfield Byrd knows when it’s time to wake up every morning. The 68-year-old Oakland, Cal., resident..

Where We Go Wrong in Comparing White Supremacy With ISIS

Throughout my career as an academic and author in international relations, I have been instinctively..

Why White Supremacist Attacks Are on the Rise, Even in Surprising Places

While President Trump answered a query about whether he thinks white nationalism is a growing global..

Five Ways To Land The Best Hires For Your Company

A business can’t move forward and can’t grow without hiring the best people.

A Cannabis Dispensary Field Trip: Escorting A Parent To The Cure Dispensary, Philadelphia, PA

This is the second in my series to see how older adult experience dispensaries - this time to the Cu..