Can’t Find It in Your Heart to Feel Bad For Beck on Netflix’s You? You’re Not Alone!


Warning: Some featured tweets contain spoilers for You!

At this point in time, if you haven't already watched the first season of Netflix's You, you're purposefully not living your best life. The series has been a widespread hit since it was acquired by Netflix from Lifetime and premiered on the streaming site on Dec. 26. Fans are torn between never trusting people again and looking for their own personal Joe Goldbergs to stalk them across their social media pages. (The answer is to do neither, especially not the latter!) Whether they're Team Joe, Team Peach, or Team Why Are the Cops So Incompetent, there's one thing You fans can all agree on – everyone needs to invest in window curtains, no matter what floor you live on.

Yes, we're talking about Beck, and even though she's definitely the one being stalked in the series, fans still aren't cutting her any slack. Somehow – whether it's about her poetry, her admittedly terrible decisions, or her taste in men – people just haven't warmed up to the graduate student. While we wait to dive back into the shenanigans for season two, keep reading to see exactly how people are feeling about Beck and her role in how things shake out in season one.

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