15 products we rely on to turn bad hair days around — from $7 serums to $160 styling tools


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  • Frizzy, greasy, flat, matted — no matter what your version of a bad hair day looks like, it probably doesn't look great.
  • There are countless of products out there promising to help your hair on days when your locks have a mind of its own, but it can be hard to know what's actually worth trying.
  • That's why I asked my co-workers to share their bad hair day hacks — products, tools, and accessories they actually use to manage those seemingly unmanageable locks.
  • Below you'll find 15 products we actually use to deal with our locks on bad hair days.

We've all had our fair share of bad hair days — and if you haven't, please share your secrets. For most of us, it's unusual to wake up every single morning with naturally shiny, healthy hair. Some days, our locks look a little more "bed head" than "beach wave." Plus, on busy mornings, dealing with our hair isn't usually on the top of the priorities list.

Luckily, there are so many products out there promising to tame frizz, absorb grease, add texture and volume — it's just a matter of finding the ones that are actually worth spending your money on. As a team of reviewers, we've all tried plenty of products, including ones for our hair. That's why I asked my co-workers to share their own bad hair day hacks — the products, tools, and accessories they rely on to tame their own hair when it's at its most unruly. When you feel like there's no way you can manage your next bad hair day, hopefully one of these products can help you out.

Keep reading for 15 products, tools, and accessories we count on to make our bad hair days better:

A spiral-shaped hair tie that adds volume to your ponytails

Invisibobble Instagram

Invisibobble Slim Hair Ring, $8, available at Sephora

This hair tie has come to the rescue when my hair is not so worth of being out in public. I only wash my hair once every few days because it doesn’t get greasy, but I run into the issue of flat hair when I don’t rinse it for a while. This hair tie has been an awesome solution to lack of volume because the coils separate individual sections of your hair while it’s in the hair tie, making your ponytail look larger and more voluminous. — Megan Foster, intern

A teasing brush that adds some extra oomph


Drybar Texas Tease Brush, $18, available at Sephora

When I have a “bad hair day” it typically stems from a lack of volume. Since approximately the seventh grade, my go-to for this issue has been using a teasing brush to introduce volume back into my hair. This one from DryBar works wonders when you use it to tease the hair closest to your scalp. After teasing, I smooth down the top layer with the same comb and it gives my hair a just-washed look. — Megan Foster, intern

A thick styling paste that adds texture and body to dull hair


Redken Rewind Style Paste, $13.64, available at Amazon

The Rewind 06 has a more glue-like consistency than most hair pastes for men, but I love that a little goes a long way. I simply place a small dab on my hand, rub it to activate, and just massage it into my thick, straight hair (which stands up in all manner of ways when I don’t put anything in it) and play with it. What I like is that it lets me create either a messy look for play or something more subdued for work. — Les Shu, editor

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